[30min.’ Live Discussion with Experts] on Tax Planning & IT Declaration; 3:30PM to 4:00PM, 29th April 2022

Community Members, A new exciting session is on the way this week.

Thank you to each one of you for the continued support and enthusiasm you bring to the LIVE community discussion time with Experts initiative. Your support motivates me! Much Appreciated :bouquet:

An exclusive 30 minutes of LIVE discussion thread with domain Expert CA Shubham Goel, Cofounder & partner, ByTheBook Consulting on the topic :

‘ Tax Planning & IT Declaration; get your queries answered’ from 3:30PM to 4:00PM :mantelpiece_clock: on 29th April 2022 :calendar: .

Let’s together make the 30 minutes most effective with a lot of questions for the HR domain specialist.

Requesting members to post your doubts/queries related to Tax Planning & IT Declaration as comments in this post and get them all answered by the Industry Expert on 29th April 2022.


Requesting members to post your doubts/queries related to Tax Planning & IT Declaration as comments in this post and get them all answered by the Industry Expert on 29th April 2022.

The LIVE session will be held in this same discussion thread. There is NO registration required.

Attendees will get notified while the LIVE discussions happens. You can see the expert answer to your questions.

Feel free to post your questions below so our expert will be able to reply to you during the LIVE discussion session time.

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Hi greytip,

Thank you for the LIVE sessions.

Please requesting the expert to share their views.

My scenario is I own house in one town and work in a nearby town but i travel daily. Can i still show HRA?

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Is this a session available on a video conference? I was wondering if employees could attend it.


Hi @ipshita,

This would be a quick 30 minutes of Q&A with the experts on various aspects of general questions that can come under Tax Planning & IT Declaration. It will be held between 3:30PM to 4:00PM on 29th April 2022.

Attendees could attend the LIVE session if available. In case any one missed out, this thread will be available in the community post the session also for continued reading.

Anyone can join the community and be part of the session via this link during the session or post session too.

Everyone is welcome!

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Hi All,

We are going LIVE with our session in less than 15 minutes.

Please make yourself available to read the conversation and part of the unique LIVE thread experience.

Thanks again.

Let’s welcome todays expert panel CA Shubham Goel. :bouquet: :bouquet:

Mr. Shubham Goel is one of the most sought out experts in this domain. He is a qualified chartered accountant with more than 7 years of big4 experience in handling tax compliance, advisory and litigation matters.

He is also the Cofounder & partner, ByTheBook Consulting. Mr Shubham has extensive knowledge in handling global engagements requiring proactive support and handling complex compliance issues. He has been involved in servicing several high net worth individuals on their return filings and litigation issues at various appellate levels.

We are thankful by him accepting to be part of this brief session to share his thoughts and knowledge.

We humbly welcome you to the session!

We also open the session for questions after this post.


Thanks Vidyaranjan for the introduction.

Hi Community,

Thank you for the regular sessions.

Shubham sir, please advise on our question

Tax regulations allow individual taxpayers to choose between the two tax regimes on a yearly basis. Is it a good idea to change tax regimes? What is your advice?


If you are a salaried individual, you can chose between the two regimes every year. It is advisable to work out the tax liability under the old and new tax regime before deciding which one is more beneficial.

It need to be also noted that if you are an individual or HUF with business income and if you opt for the new regime, you can switch back to the old system only once.


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Dear sir,

Should we submit form 12bb once or multiple times in a year if changing jobs?


It is advisable to submit the IT declaration (Form 12BB) before the new employer at the time of switching the job.


Thank you CA Shubham Goel ,

Can employee declare under Section 80EEB?


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Yes, declaration can be made under Section 80EEB in respect of interest payable on loan taken by an individual from any financial institution for the purpose of purchase of an electric vehicle.



Employers are collecting offline Form 12BB. Can declaration form be physical also or it must be online?


Sir we would like to know,

While switching jobs, should the IT declaration be submitted once again? what is the right way to do it?