Employers believe L&D initiatives boosting productivity!

TeamLease EdTech has released a report titled “Return on Corporate Learning Investments”. The report highlights many important findings on corporate learnings & development programs - Investment v/s ROI.

The report presents an in-depth analysis of the RoI of Corporate L&D Investments as these become increasingly important in supporting businesses to navigate the rapidly changing economic and technological landscape. Some key findings of the report are:

● 42% of the respondents believe that productivity levels increase significantly up to 40% after training

● About 25% of employers believe that the productivity gains range between 11%-20% in time value

● For existing employees, 29% of employers believe that productivity gains are advanced by 31%-40% in time value post-training

● Post their training, new employees have reported up to 80% saving of time while meeting the productivity standards

● 42% of respondents have reported a significant increase in the performance of employees

● Only one in nine respondents believe that the training doesn’t add value to new employee productivity

● A significant 73% have mentioned that existing employees take 11% - 40% less time while conducting routine tasks right after productivity training

● “Improvement of Sales and Employee retention” are immediate results of Corporate training as reported by 44% and 33% of employers, respectively

● “Enhanced Quality of Delivery and New Project/Client Win” are almost equally rated by 24% and 22% of the respondents (employers)

● 14 out of 25 respondents believe that good learning programs help reduce attrition by 10 to 30% and even more.

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