Lock Down Compliances

Questions on Employment Laws, Salary reductions & Deferments

With the lockdown being ordered throughout the country, production, delivery, sales, marketing and at the end earnings are taking a big hit, as people are not allowed to move out of their houses.

While many businesses are exercising force majeure to get out of contracts, some are giving work from home as an excuse to not being able to pay vendors. All of this creates tremendous pressure on SME and start-ups, many of which operate with 1-2 months of cash flow.

To make things worse, several district magistrates have started issuing orders mandating businesses to pay daily wages of factory workers and shop workers that are unable to come to work due to the lockdown orders issued by the State Government.

This space details more on the commonly asked questions from SME’s, HR Leaders & Payroll professionals during the crisis to manage business.

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