[30 Min Live Discussion with Experts] on ‘People, Process and Culture - The Core Integration’; 3:30 to 4:00PM, Aug 19th, 2022

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This time, there will be an exclusive 30 minutes of LIVE discussion thread with the Expert Mr. Om Narayan Rai, General Manager Human Resources, Infopro Learning, Inc on the topic ‘People, Process and Culture - The Core Integration’.

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Join the upcoming Greytribe live session on 'People, Process and Culture - The Core Integration’ and get all your queries answered by our expert Mr. Om Narayan Rai, General Manager Human Resources, Infopro Learning, Inc at 3:30pm to 4:00pm on August 19th.

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Let’s welcome today’s expert for the session, Mr. Om Narayan Rai, General Manager Human Resources, Infopro Learning, Inc.

He has 16+ years of Corporate & Start-up Experience. In his various global HR roles, he has led, advised and transformed HR organizations in both corporate and start-up. He has spearheaded Greenfield business operations setups in Europe, United Kingdom, and Germany and managed post M&A integrations in Eastern Europe, Central Europe and India. Over the last decade Mr. Om has specialized in cross cultural integrations and Leadership Development in companies like exl Service, Max Life Insurance, AON Hewitt, Wipro Technologies and Easypolicy.

We are thankful to him for joining our session today as the expert to share his views, expertise, thoughts and knowledge.

Once again, a very warm welcome to you Mr. Om.

We also open the session for questions after this post.

  1. What is the culture of an organization?

I would try to be as practical as possible. Every organization has its own personality, which distinct from its promoters or employees, yet the personality carries set of traits that combines them all in one. We may call it Culture. This actually becomes organizational identity too. The way we segregate Defence Personnel from Police functionaries


Thanks Kaulin, looking forward to contribute as much as I can

  1. How can an organization develop a strong culture?

Keeping it life like is the only way. The way we have our cultural threads in society. Which means, the people at foundation have to be nurturing, guiding and accommodating in their approach to build cultural threads.

Next step is more about seeding them through story telling, rewarding its display and recognizing the display. Like in Google, when someone calls out to an action or plan to be “evil” irrespective of the hierarchal gap, they are listened


How can an organization foster a sense of belonging, inclusion, and diversity at work?


This has to be a top down approach. The leadership has to foster it through display of sponsorship to such programs. During 26/11 Terrorist attack in India, Employees of Taj Hotel died protecting their guests, while they were not trained for war like scenarios. They were able to do so because their psychological connect with the organization of such level. They felt - We are Taj Hotel, rest is a heroic tale.

Unless we create such a caring set of leaders, and eco-system of policies, culture in the organization, creating belongingness will be a far fetched dream


What obstacles must be overcome in order to establish an integrated workplace culture?


For D&I strong sponsorship is required from stake holder. Unless they are nervous about the degree of sponsorship or such initiatives, it is not sufficient. But difficult part comes later, how to bring change of accommodating D&I across the organization at large. Open discussion, appreciating views from people across the leadership will bring acceptance


This questions may have two contexts, Pre-Covid and Post-Covid. In a Post-Covid era it is growing multi fold with Hybrid or remote working. People are not able to get the context but the communication reaches earlier.

Having strong cultural threads surpasses such a challenge. Like Shell employees in Israel during war driven emergency provisions, helped their fellow colleagues to exit the borders, while as per national policy, they should have been considered intruders


How does HR tech help in integration?


It builds transparency, better experience and adoption. Technology led approach has a lot of objectivity due to availability of data points. It also removes dependency on repetitive or rudimentary tasks which can generally be taken care of by technology like a salary slip or a address proof.

The other side is it also enables better connect, insight and decision making. Net net - it impacts employee turn over (due to better experience), that of course impacts the Margins, Quality and efficiencies. The insights help the acceptance of differences and thereby better integration


How are employee engagement and satisfaction impacted by organizational culture?

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Culture is the way of life inside the organization, just like our social lives. If we behave in a way that is not accommodative of diversity and inclusion, difference of opinion, fostering independence and nurturing talent etc. For example, if Micromanagement is way of looking at task completion, of course it will negatively impact the employee engagement and satisfaction.


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