[30min.’ Live Discussion with Experts] on Integration of Data and Technology in HR strategy; 3:30PM to 4:00PM, 29th March 2022


With the increasing adoption of technology in HR, how important it is for HR professionals to reskill or upskill themselves?


If you set the KRA & Goals on technology platform and connect with your real data of the site/work place. it can very well map your performance based on set goals and real gap with outcome. hence there will not be a difference of perceptions in objective evaluation of goals in the mind of employees. This will also encourage employee to perform better in most transparent way.


Hi Sir, Please let us know the future of Human Resource Management? Is it moving towards Human Capital Management? And what are your thoughts?


Hi sir,

What are HR metrics and analytics?


Hi Sir,

Please let your thoughts on integration of Data and technology in HR startup companies?


It is very necessary, this is something like you have bought a gun to save your life by you are not trained to operate. this happens many time in our real life situations.


It is more towards the on Human Capital Management than the resource mindset. The competitive advantages for organization is how you are capitalizing on human contrary to pat when it was more towards using it as a resource.


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