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The changing landscape of employee engagement ’ from 3:30PM to 4:00PM :mantelpiece_clock: on 3rd March 2022 :calendar: .

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Hello Everyone,

We are less than 5 minutes to begin the LIVE Discussion session with our esteem expert Mr Sanjeeb Lahiri. He is Chief Human Resources Officer of GRP Group. He is one of the most sought out experts in the domain.

Let’s welcome and seek knowledge from him via this short 30 minutes LIVE discussion session on the topic- The changing landscape of employee engagement.

I welcome you all!


Also, adding a note that our second panelist couldnt make it to the session due to a personal emergency.

We wish his dear ones all good health.


Hi Experts,

Please can you provide your insights on :

How has pandemic changed the traditional employee engagement model?


Let’s understand that employee engagement is not about activities, it is about creating and maintaining the environment for maximum contribution for the organization, where the employees are also able to fulfil their aspirations. It is a way how organizations are able to get the discretionary efforts of the employees. Therefore, the basics of the employee engagement models have not changed. I think the focus and priorities have shifted a lot towards the individual needs, including wellness. The activities have changed based on the business & people needs, but definitely the ‘people/ talent first’ approach is here to stay. Also, the delivery of programs have definitely moved to the online & offline (aka hybrid) mode, and it is there to stay.


Hi Sir,

What should be the top priorities while tailoring the employee engagement model for the remote workforce?


What is the role of AI Chatbots in employee engagement?


I think it is first to stay connected, even outside the work requirements. Accepting the people as they are and, is the key. Remote workforce may have certain needs of working hours, work delivery, people policies/ benefits, reward structures etc. which organizations need to be mindful and open about. Once again, engaging remote workforce is not only about having events or giving goodies that quite a few organizations have started doing, it is about including that workforce in the organizations mainstream and having the practices to support.


Dear sir,

As gen-z today is more vocal about their expectations and looking for meaning in their work, how can organizations channelize this while engaging and keeping the employees motivated?


I think it is an advantage for organizations to harness the skills and energy of Gen-Z. Organizations need to be mindful to the requirements of Gen-Z and act accordingly. The people managers must be trained towards the generation and gender specific requirements – this is like a mindset transition that organizations need to facilitate this change. The HR teams will have a big role to play in this.


Thank you for the session Sanjeeb Sir. Our question is-

Is employee wellbeing an integral part of an employee engagement program?
What should be the top few things to start a comprehensive employee wellness program?


Yes. Wellness/ wellbeing is on top of everyone’s mind now. Programs addressing physical and emotional wellbeing, including different age groups, genders and which can be run on various modes (online/ offline) should be ok to start with. However, if employee health check ups are done or emotional wellness support provided, confidentiality is extremely critical.


Dear Sanjeeb sir,

Please advise-

In this stage of social distancing and remote working how can technology forge to bring human connections?


Technology is indeed a big enabler of collaboration. Virtual meetings has been effective in the remote context. Other tools help in collaborating on work deliverables. Indeed, these are going to continue on a non-remote environment.


Hi Sanjeeb sir,

How flexibility has taken the center stage in employee motivation and engagement?


As employee needs have changed and organizations have acknowledged that if flexibility is not provided, work will suffer, let alone the employee might leave. Flexibility is here to stay, as I see it…


Hi @SanjeebLahiri. The session was very informative. Your insights on this topic are so valuable.

Thank you for addressing a bunch of questions from our members. Also we are glad that you have generously agreed to be part of the community and will be available for our member base to get their doubts cleared and get answers.

Your presence is much appreciated! Thanks again.

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