4 Difficult HR problems you'll face

Whether you are the HR manager or the CEO of your company, managing employees is not something you can ignore. You need to be aware of the toughest employee management problems you could face at the office.

Here’s a run-through of the 4 toughest HR problems you could come across: -

  • Negative Employees: - Life is all about perspective and some employees have a negative perspective of life. They hate their job, they hate the organization and they hate their life. This kind of negativity can spread among the other employees.

You have two options.

  • Try to help the person see the better part of life in the office


  • Remove the negative employee if his toxicity is affecting productivity at the office.

  • Implement New Values: - Change may be constant, but people are also resistant to change. Implementing new values or rules can be a hassle at the workplace.

  • Everyone needs to be correctly informed of the new values or rules. Its been seen miscommunication turns out to be a major problem when a company undergoes a change.

  • It may take the employees a week or so to get accustomed to the new values (depending on the extent of the change). Give them that time. A mistake made by many organizations is to shove new rules or values down the throat of the employees. Don’t make that mistake.

  • The management has to be on board because they will help implement it.

  • When the work does not get done: - Is there a growing backlog occurring at the office? This could happen because of several reasons:

    • Employees are not completing the required work.
    • There aren’t enough employees.
  • Build a Good Team: - It takes a bit of effort on part of the management, but taking the employees’ input when forming a team goes a long way to creating a good team.

In short, these are 4 of the major problems you can experience across organizations.

  • Good ideas are poorly executed because of a bad team.
  • Work is not completed because employees get away from it or there aren’t enough employees.
  • Employees have a problem adapting to new values, rules, or management
  • Negative employees are conveniently ignored.

Community Manager.


Some of them are real problems. I have faced the biggest issue of having negative employees. One of the worst problems to have.

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Not sure if it is helpful, but negative employees are present almost everywhere. Handle them as objectively as possible. Don’t let them impact the culture in the organisation.


Correct @PG024 but somewhere down the line their effect is seen across the organization which becomes a matter of concern.

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