80d claims


Can employee claim both medical bills for senior citizen and medical insurance under 80d?


No. only one caan be claimed. If the senior citizen doesn’t have insurance then bills can be claimed.



hi Swati

medical bills for senior citizen can only be claimed when there is no medical insurance.
due to some insurance will not provide insurance coverage, so that is reason medical bills are allowed.



Employee cannot claim both medicals bills and insurance premium paid. Reason being if insurance is there then expenses are taken care except few but in case of no insurance medical bills can be claimed upto Rs. 50,000/-


Eligibility to Claim Tax Deduction

Deductions on tax can be claimed if the medical expenses are incurred on the family members or parents, who are more than 60 years in age. As per the law, a family member includes self, spouse and children. Tax deduction on medical expenses can be claimed by an individual who has sustained the expenses. Thus, if you are above 60 years in age and are not insured under any other existing health insurance plan, then the deduction can be claimed by you.
In case, if a person has incurred medical expenses for their parents, aged more than 60 years, then he can claim the deduction.

What is Covered Under Medical Expenses?

The types of medical expenses or diseases covered are not defined in the Income tax act. However, expenses incurred on medicines, consultation fees, other medical devices such as hearing aids, pacemakers, etc as per the opinion of experts shall be considered under the amendment introduced by the government.
Section 80D in addition to section 80DDB covers certain diseases or medical conditions for a specific age group. If your medical condition comes under that category, you can make a claim under section 80DDB. And if the medical condition does not fall under that category or in any case the limit has been exhausted, the remaining medical expenses can be claimed under section 80D. The maximum deduction that is permitted to be made in a financial year is Rs. 50,000.

Documents Required to Claim Tax Deduction

The list of documents required to claim tax deduction is not specified in the Income tax act. However, it would be smart to save documentary evidence like bills of medical expenses, medicine invoices, reports of diagnostic tests, documents regarding medical history, doctor’s prescription, etc.

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