88% working professionals are eyeing new job opportunities ! πŸŽ†

In 2024, 88% of professionals in India are contemplating a new job, marking a 4% year-on-year increase compared to 2023. This shift indicates a departure from cautious career decisions amidst economic uncertainty.

Recent research from LinkedIn reveals a shift in professional attitudes, as individuals are now less inclined to endure challenging situations. Instead, they are proactively taking control of their careers, aiming to compensate for lost time by prioritising productivity and focusing on career growth.

LinkedIn data indicates a 9% year-on-year increase in job search activity on its platform in 2023 compared to 2022. The primary drivers for job changes are the pursuit of enhanced work-life balance (42%) and the requirement for higher wages (37%) amidst a challenging economic landscape.

Moreover, professionals in India are open to exploring new career avenues, with nearly 8 in 10 (79%) expressing their interest in opportunities outside their current industry or role.

Talents find it hard to match their skills to the jobs they want

Despite professionals maintaining a positive outlook, many are grappling with the challenge of keeping pace with the rapid evolution of skills demanded by certain roles, primarily influenced by the swift advancements in artificial intelligence (AI).

A substantial 45% of professionals admit to being unsure about aligning their skills with their desired job, intensifying the complexity of the job search process. LinkedIn data highlights a significant shift in job-related skills, indicating a 30% change since 2015 in India. The struggle continues for professionals engaged in job hunting, with 55% expressing frustration in the process, and a substantial 59% stating that they seldom receive feedback from recruiters.

Talents are changing their job search approach

In the face of fierce competition, professionals are adapting their job search strategies to distinguish themselves. A notable 72% of professionals have altered their job search approaches, exploring new formats like video and digital resumes.

Additionally, an overwhelming 81% express a belief in the efficiency and productivity gains offered by integrating AI into their job hunt. Taking charge of their career trajectories, professionals are proactively investing in building their professional brand and leveraging connections to enhance their job prospects. An impressive 79% are increasing their content sharing on LinkedIn, while 83% are actively expanding and nurturing their professional networks.

β€œAs Indian professionals take charge of their careers in 2024, it’s going to get increasingly competitive with more professionals entering the job market. To be successful in their job hunt, it’s essential for professionals to stand out by dedicating time to spruce up their profiles, highlighting their skills, and staying informed about industry developments. This will help increase their chances of finding the job they want and develop skills needed to build a career with staying power,” said Nirajita Banerjee, Career Expert and Sr. Managing Editor for LinkedIn India.

Jobs on the rise

In India, the top three fastest-growing jobs in 2024 are Closing Manager, Influencer Marketing Specialist, and Design Specialist, each experiencing growth rates exceeding 79%.

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