About the Greytribe Quiz - Rules to participate and winning

Introducing a new fun element within our community. 5 days, Every month, quiz for new & existing community users and a chance to win big!!!

Guidelines and rules:

  • Need to be an existing user or a new user needs to sign-up to participate.

  • Contest will be open for 4 hours (From 10 am to 2 pm) (Monday to Friday) (Once a month)

  • Everyday 4 questions will be posted.

  • Any submissions after 2 pm will be considered null and void

  • Post contest, results will be announced by the next Monday.

  • Goodies/Vouchers whichever are selected for winners will be at the sole discretion of the company.

- Any participant answering 8 correct answers out of the 20 questions will be rewarded with INR 100 gift vouchers. Only after giving 8 correct answers, you are eligible for rewards.

Reward Structure

Criteria Reward
Get a minimum of 8 correct answers INR 100 gift voucher
Get maximum answers in all 5 days INR 1000 gift voucher (Only 3 - Picked up by Lucky Draw)

Community Manager.


Hello Kaulin

Hope you are doing good.

Please let me know when are you going to start the quiz for this month.

Nisha Patel

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Hey @NishaPatel ,

Hope you are doing well.

The quiz is going to start on 7th Nov that’s coming Monday from 10 am to 2 pm. Keep an eye out for our updates for more information.

Community Manager.

how to participate in the quiz. I am waiting for the answer.

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how to join? I am not getting any option to join.

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Hey @HRReliableGroup ,

Just click here [Greytribe Quiz] Contest no 6 and you can participate.

Hope this helps. In case of any issues do let me know.

Community Manager.