Announcing the winners of 1st Greytribe Quiz!

Hello Community Members,

Hope you are doing well.

First of all, we are delighted to see the kind of response for the Greytribe Quiz, and we expect that you will keep on participating in such initiatives in the near future as well. So we have got the winners of our first Greytribe Quiz and we congratulate them for their efforts. Here are the names of the winner.

Username Name
chetanmurgkar Chetan Murgkar
Anu_Misha Anu Misha
NishaPatel Nisha Patel
BhargavKondaveeti Bhargav Kondaveeti
Abitha Abitha
Ludy Ludymar Bernal
deepa.d Deepa Dinakaran
simiya Simiya Naushad
Libia Libia Koli
Deepam Deepa Muralidharan
hr_diligencebio Leejo Joseph John
pratibhashetty Pratibha Shetty
Jite Jitendra

Come and join together to congratulate all the winners :slight_smile: :confetti_ball: :tada: :trophy: :medal_sports:

Those who participated and didn’t win don’t be disheartened. We will be back with another round of Greytribe Quiz next month.

Requesting all the winners to message us the desired email ID in which they would like to receive the gift voucher. Kindly use the message option in the community to send a message to me with your email ID. We will be processing the gift vouchers once we receive all the email ID’s.

Community Manager.