[Ask the Experts] Helping Employees Face The Pandemic: Policies & Benefits

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Discussion agenda of the session:

1. Areas that employee support policies should cover.
2. Benefits and policies rolled out by organizations.
3. What should SMEs consider in particular?
4. Case studies demonstrating best practices to SMEs and MSMEs.

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Some issues we are facing:

  1. All over employees are fighting the pandemic and it is not getting over. The long WFH situation has started to effect the physical and mental health of employees. They are feeling disconnected and burnout from work. What will you suggest as wellness plans to make some change to the situation?

  2. Covid situation has decreased overall revenues of the company and appraisals/promotions are on hold from 2 years now. we have managed to not reduce workforce even at this times. What would be ways to retaining the unhappy/job loss facing employees scenario?

  3. Keeping working from home as one of the benefits in new hiring cycle, can some earlier Compensation and Benefits be reduced?

  4. How are experts efficiently tracking employee productivity and engagement? Need tips.



Recently in a internal survey on employees big percentage of complaints feedback came up on this.

Along with strict WFH schedules, female employees are burdened with taking care of kids, looking into remote schoolwork, and managing family members. What do you suggest to provide more as flexibility as working hours and stop them from quitting jobs?


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