[Assistance] Leave policy for Corporate Office

If anyone have latest Corporate Leave Policy which we can incorporate in our organization, please share.

Our is book publication company, we have before lockdown 150 employees which include office employee 100+ warehouse 15+ press emp 35 ,
Here per month 2 paid leaves are given to office employees , apart from that yearly 8-9 holidays and special holidays during festival Ganesh chaturthi 2 days n diwali 5-7 days

We want to modify our leave policy so need suggestion, guidance , and some format of leave policy if any one have for different employees like H.O, distribution and factory labors or workers, please share.


Hi Ashish,

It is not discernible from your post whether the office, warehouse and the press are housed in the same premises and if so, whether the Plan Approval and the Factory License, if any obtained under the Factories Act,1948 cover the entire premises.
If β€˜yes’, then all employees would be covered under the service conditions of the FA Act,1948 including leave.
If they are situated in different locations, the office, warehouse and the marketing employees would be covered by the leave provisions of the State Shops and Establishments Act concerned.
The Leave Policy of any organization should comply with the leave provisions of the establishment-specific Labor Law applicable to it in terms of types and scales of leave mentioned therein.
By going through these Acts, you can draft the leave policy on your own incorporating other conditions such as prefixing and suffixing of holidays at both the ends of a single stretch of leave, maximum permissible length of a single stretch of leave, combination of different kinds of leave in a single stretch, format of leave application and the authorities to whom it shall be submitted for sanction etc.


Thanks @Umakanthan Sir.


Hi @Ashish

We have recently worked on this and created a blog space.

Hope this helps.


Thank You sir yes our all 3 locations like office warehouse and press is different, currently only office employees are getting paid leaves.
Appreciate your guidance.