Boost in employment picks-up in west and south India!

Amidst growing concerns of a global recession, it is encouraging to see demand for hiring up in India. Such growth in headcount in a short span of two quarters, further solidifies commitment towards making India employable through formalization and supporting economic growth in the country.

Despite shifts in the supply and demand for talent in a very unstable market, Quess - India’s leading business service provider and largest employer in the private sector has expanded by more than 25% over the last year to reach this new milestone. They have been persistent in creating industry-leading digital platforms to complement our physical skills, which is paying off well as they continue to be the associates’ and customers’ first choice. Moreover, it is the aspirational youth and transition of the informal economy to formalization that makes them sense a greater penetration of outsourced services and job creation.

The rise of formal outsourced employment in India in the last 15 years has just picked up pace. Quess has added nearly 300K new employees in the last 12 months alone to its workforce, of which roughly 47% are first-time additions to formal employment in India with social security benefits. Within this workforce, over 88,000 employees are women and over 5,000 are specially-abled persons.

Quess’ geographical spread in terms of hiring has visibly grown across India in the past year, now spanning over 6,400+ cities. Tier 1 cities hold a workforce share of 37%, followed by Tier 3 areas with a share of 32%. Tier 2 cities, with a 31% share, have also been a great source for hiring with an extremely talented pool of employees. The top 5 states that have showcased maximum deployment are Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.

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