Car Maintenance Part of LTC Claim?

Hello Sir,
I have a query related to LTC Claim.
Can employee claim Periodic car maintenance for LTC Claim?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Crystal

Govt has stated that any “goods/services worth three times the amount of fare/LTA received” is eligible for LTC claim.

So here is the GST paid is in compliance with the eligibility can be processed.

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Adding to @Dinesh
Buy goods/services worth three times the amount of fare/LTA received;
The money on goods/services must be spent before March 31, 2021;
The money must be spent on goods attracting GST of 12 per cent or more from a GST registered vendor;
The payment must be made via digital mode;
GST invoice will be required to be produced to claim the tax-exemption.


Nice short answers @Bharath

The link to some discussions related to this where Bharath and others answered is here: New LTC Scheme Rules, Applicability & Claim in 2021

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