Claiming HRA deduction for the house living with parents


Living with parents, can i claim HRA for the house living with them? what other ways we can claim HRA deduction?



Hi @Sandeep_G

Yes you can claim for living with your parents as far as they are mentioned as dependent parents as per the income tax act.

In fact if you stay & parents stay in another city - still you can claim for it.

Other ways to do is - using Home loan (i.e purchasing a house in native and working in another city, you claim both HRA if the other house is not occupied by tenants).


Technically no if it is your own house… But yes… HR will not check your house documents :rofl: :rofl:


Yes, we can claim HRA if we are living in Parent’s House.


Thanks Dinesh @Bharath @Ankit for the suggestions…

One more question- Does the same information applies too if the house is in wifes, or siblings, relatives name? these days a lot of scenarios now!

please advise.


If you are not going to share Rental Agreement and documents like PAN of the landlord, I am not sure how the Income Tax portion can be handled when Rent exceeds 1 Lakh? Now 24Q also require landlord PAN particulars, right?


Hi @Sandeep_G

Nope, until & unless things are in joint agreement or contributed by both - it is considered in your name and hence you cannot claim HRA for the same.


Dear @Sandeep_G ,

If the house is in anyone’s name parents / wife / siblings / any relatives / friends, etc., and you are living in that and wants to claim the HRA, then if your annual rent is going to be more than Rs. 1 lacs, you have to enter in the rent agreement with concerned person and you have to provide the PAN card number and address details of your “landlord”.

I hope this answers your query.



True! Agree with @shefalipatil

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You can claim HRA when the house is in name of Spouse.

Any other relative, you can claim HRA and you will report PAN number of that relative. He will need to show the same as Rent Income.


Hi Sandeep,

There are two things need to keep in mind:

  1. Firstly if it is rented house then Yes, you can claim HRA.
  2. Secondly if it is your own house. then No, you cannot claim HRA because living with your parents you are not paying any rent to them. But still you want to claim then you need to show preper documents and accordingly you will get exemption.

This is my opinion.

Hope i have cleared your query.


You have to make an agreement and share the PAN number to your company to enable them to update. Your wife or siblings, relatives can file their return and claim the benefit or pay tax accordingly. For non working relatives you can do this. Please check if the property is in whose name, they can only rent.


Thanks @Natarajan

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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