Considering fuel bills

Hi Community,

We had fuel component for our employees. As its pandemic year and WFH the entire year we wont be able to consider fuel bills.
Should we still consider? What would be the best solution?

Please suggest.



So instead of Fuel, you can provide Mobile, Internet, Furnishing (Office Desk @ home) and some part of electric bill.


Please note that the reimbursement against Fuel Bills is beneficial only for Employer paying taxes. So, the impact is not going to happen to employees under conveyance claims.


Hi @Jyoti

This is a common question arising in many areas of industry right now.

Due to pandemic this has been impacted, and my advise see if this can be converted into some other employee beneficial component else be wasted.

But taxation matters a lot, if an employee falls in the tax bracket and loses some exemption because of it - needs to be varied with some other component.

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