CSI File

What is CSI file? How can we get it?Please share process ?


CSI file used to download from the income tax site which company already remitted the TDS payment in IT Department. This file will use to generate FVU file through IT return filing.
Steps to download the CSI File:

  • OLTAS Application
  • Choose TAN based view
  • Update TAN number
  • Select the period to download( Ex - Challan paid for last 3 months)
  • search the challan no based on challan available with us for last 3 months.
  • Remitted Amount should be updated in the amount column.
  • Then click match.
  • If submitted details are fine, system will review and provide the acknowledgment to download the CSI file.
  • You save the CSI file for TDS return. It should not open with a notepad / any other source file, if it is opened, then this file will not work for the TDS return. Again you have do the process again for downloading the CSI file.


Suresh P

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