On Sunday, 14 January, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s government made an official statement announcing the commencement of a comprehensive skill development initiative for construction workers, with the goal of improving their abilities while also providing better prospects and livelihoods.

The initiative’s goal is to empower the workers and provide excellent possibilities.

When asked about the plan, Delhi Labour Minister Raaj Kumar Anand stated, "Our goal is to empower our construction workers and workers with skills that transcend borders. By investing in their abilities, we not only improve their individual prospects, but also contribute to the broader growth of our economy. “

The Kejriwal government intends to build training camps at labour chowks and construction sites around the region to boost workers’ skills and lives.

The government would pay for wage losses incurred throughout the training term, recognising workers’ commitment to skill development.

The financial assistance intends to encourage more workers to participate without fear of economic hardship, while complying to Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) rules and guaranteeing equitable pay for those engaged in skill upgrading.

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