Do you know - Frankenstein Day

":evergreen_tree::full_moon: Frankenstein recounts the chilling tale of Victor Frankenstein, a daring scientist who delves into the eerie realm of creating a human-like creature. This timeless story is a pioneering gem in the realm of modern science fiction, sending shivers down readers’ spines for generations. :test_tube::microscope: It’s a tale that everyone is familiar with, a haunting narrative of ambition and consequence.

In this eerie masterpiece, the creature, shunned by society due to its unsettling appearance, remains nameless. Yet, in popular culture, it bears the name of its creator, Frankenstein. Despite the prevailing belief that Frankenstein is a monstrous being, it’s a portrayal that hardly scratches the surface. :brain::broken_heart: Deep down, he’s a sentient, emotional being yearning for acceptance and connection.

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