Do you know - Plastic Free July

Plastic has become the number one product people use each day, despite how damaging it is to the environment. Plastic Free July is a holiday dedicated to teaching people about the dangers of plastic and challenges people to avoid plastic for a month.

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hopefully people will really be serious in recycling and in avoiding the use of one time use plastics… So we can enjoy earth fully and longer :thinking:


Very encouraging words @ludy and I hope that from this community we can educate and let our community members educate others on how to stop this harmful material called plastic to be thrown out of our daily life.

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Here are a few steps that we took at our home (in practice for many years)

  1. We carrry clothe bags always while going for shopping
  2. Segregating and keeping plastics, paper and other degradable waste, bio-degradable etc.
  3. Handing over plastic waste (wrappers, packing materials etc) to concerned team setup by the City Corporation and paying fees
  4. Selling used plastic bottles, other plastic made stuff like furniture spares, toys etc to scrap collectors

Great thought work @Sree , Hope other community members can take some ideas and implement them in their day-to-day work.

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