Dos and Don’ts on employee recognition


What are some of the effective ways employee recognition? What are the main Dos and Don’ts ?


The recognition approaches must create opportunities for the employees to feel pride in their connection to the organization and allow them to share that experience with their loved ones. Public announcements and celebratory communication are especially important as they allow the employee to get noticed by the senior leadership.

A letter or certificate of achievement that can be displayed and kept as a keepsake which is personalized with the description of accomplishment

A few do’s and dont’s can be

Do’s of employee recognition
Make sure to give timely recognition
Set clear specific criteria
Give specific recognition & attainable
Have an inclusive program across all the departments
Make recognition in public
Recognize individual as well as team efforts

The Don’ts of employee recognition
Avoid giving unequal treatment
Don’t forget the importance of verbal appreciation
Don’t criticize someone publicly
Don’t involve complicated comparison
Don’t rely too much on monetary options

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