Employees won't stay in an organization which does not provide opportunity to grow!

As organizations begin to tread the line beyond traditional linear careers, talent mobility has become a prominent trend in today’s landscape. This practice allows employees to explore different opportunities & expand their horizons. This further provides employees with the stable ground to develop their careers in a more holistic manner, consequently leading to free talent flow within the organization. Due to its pros, talent/internal mobility is gaining momentum, and becoming an important pillar for employee well-being & retention.

Employees look out for organizations that allow them to have different career experiences. This has catapulted companies to choose internal mobility where employees shift across distinct roles within an organization. It supports the long-term employability of the workforce by motivating them to shift roles, projects, and work assignments.

Organizations’ efforts to retain top talent and ensure the holistic well-being of the employees are both interrelated. By assisting employees to achieve their goals, you can encourage them to build their careers in the company for many years to come. An external hire’s productivity takes a considerable amount of time. Internal promotions can improve employee motivation and morale, resulting in improved productivity for both individuals and organizations. Identifying and developing individuals’ capabilities helps deliver better business results through engaged employees. It provides opportunities for employees to grow and also ensures overall holistic well-being as career mobility boosts employees’ morale & happiness.

The industry has evolved at a fast pace with data as a new currency & technological advancement creating new opportunities to learn and grow. This changing landscape of work and workplace has changed the paradigms of who, how, where, and when work is done. Scalability and speed is the key. The ones who can adapt to this new format of working and learning will be able to sustain & grow in this ever-changing environment. As HR professionals, we too need to reinvent, redesign & rebuild our policies to stay relevant. Internal Mobility policy is one such policy that helps to retain employees by providing new growth opportunities that align with employees’ long-term career goals and business priorities. It’s an opportunity for employees to build versatile career paths and also help organizations to bridge the gap to meet business needs.

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