[Expert Webinar] Payroll and the Union Budget 2021

Hello Attendee!

Did you understand all about the recently announced new tax regulations? the union budget allocation? and its effect on payroll?

if no, please register and attend the Free Webinar : Payroll and the Union Budget 2021 . You will be guided about :

  • Direct Tax changes & how they impact you and me.
  • Getting ready for the new FY 2021
  • Macro-economic analysis, Where India stands?
  • Sectoral allocations, Which sector gets what?

Register Here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3394915188435047692 :writing_hand:



Can you also look into questions on choosing ‘New tax regime’ or ‘Old tax regime’ and the changes for 2021? it would be very helpful

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