[ Free Live Webinar]: Easily Collect & Verify Investment Proofs with greytHR

Dear All,

Now collect employees’ investment proofs easily & efficiently with greytHR!

At greytHR, we have been continuously working towards making the Investment proof collection and review process simpler and better. And, our efforts have resulted in an enhanced POI module.

To keep you informed on the latest updates, we are organizing a Free Training Session this Wednesday, Dec 23, 2020.

Don’t forget to join this FREE Informative Session, next week.

Register Here: Registration (gotowebinar.com)

Team greytHR

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Can we have training session for employees as well.

Thanks and Regards,

Aprajita Sinha

Aexonic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Hi @Aprajita

We do have plenty of Video / GIF / Help Documents to be shared with employees which we do regularly for all such requests.

You can raise a support ticket within application for the same - and our team will help you with all the resources that can are created to be shared with employees.

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Dear All,

We have recently enhanced our Proof of Investment (POI) module.
To know more about our enhanced ‘Proof of Investments’ module, don’t forget to join our FREE Webinar tomorrow, at 3:00 PM!

As seats are filling fast, reserve your seat now!

Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/5148721993549281293

Team greytHR

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Hi All,

If an employee resigns in mid of the FY, without submitting POI for the declared amounts, how we will handle it. Should we deduct TDS in F&F without considering the declared amount or should we ask them to submit POI.
Kindly put some light to this.


Hi @Sreeja

Usually tax is deducted if no proofs are shown while FnF and the same in shown in Form 26AS while an employee switches to next company to show the payroll manager and avail the balance TDS deducted over there.

But, some cases companies do not do that as it’s not time for POI you can simply do a FnF with the declared IT and the new company deducts the IT for the entire FY.

These are completely dependent on the month in which FnF happens, if it’s before Dec you can just do FnF and the new employer will take care, else you deduct the tax and ask employee to claim in ITR if required.

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