[Free Live Webinar]: Simplify your employee vaccination data collection with greytHR

Good Afternoon All,

Planning a safe return to the office? Need to track your employees’ vaccination status?

With greytHR’s new Vaccination Data Drive (VDD), you can simplify your employee-vaccination- data-collection process and make well-informed decisions.

Join our Free live webinar on September 17, Friday at 3 pm, to learn more.

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Team greytHR

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Dear All,

Collect, store & analyze your employee’s vaccination details effortlessly with greytHR’s Vaccination Data Drive.

Made available to you at no extra cost, the feature can help your organization plan a safe return to work for employees.

Join our FREE webinar tomorrow at 3 PM, to learn more.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how to -

  • Collect employees’ vaccination information
  • Send reminders & notifications for collection
  • Validate & approve the collected data
  • Generate the report with vaccination details
  • Store vaccination certificate in Employee documents

Register Here to attend this expert session.

Team greytHR

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