[FREE WEBINAR]: greytHR Visage - Attendance through Facial Recognition

Dear All,

At greytHR, we recognise the need for employee safety while ensuring business continuity in the current pandemic times.

Managing your employees’ attendance is safer and easier with greytHR’s new touchless & COVID-safe attendance capture mechanism (Visage).

Join our upcoming webinar on 24th Feb, Wed at 3PM to learn more about greytHR Visage and its features:

  • Touchless and COVID-safe attendance capture mechanism
  • On-demand scalability with unlimited Face-ID capacity
  • Low-cost compared to other biometric systems
  • Built-in functionality that prevents proxy or buddy punching

Register here: https://bit.ly/3pA8Sfn

Team greytHR


Dear All,
Make your workplace safe with touchless entry.
Join our FREE Live Webinar tomorrow at 3 pm and explore greytHR Visage.

greytHR Visage is our facial recognition based attendance system.
It is touchless, COVID-safe and a comprehensive attendance solution.

Don’t wait any longer to join this exciting session & learn more!
Register now: https://bit.ly/3pA8Sfn

Team greytHR


Is it available as a recording as well now ?

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Yes, the recording of ‘[FREE WEBINAR]: greytHR Visage - Attendance through Facial Recognition]’ available.

Please find the link to access the recording - Click here (enter your first name, last name and other details to access the recording online)

Hope this helps!