Gig white collar jobs rising!

Foundit (formerly Monster APAC & ME), today released its monthly foundit Insights Tracker (fIT) report. According to the report, white-collar hiring in India exhibited positive numbers with a 2% rise in job posting activity in March 2023. The Tracker reflected growing demand for talent across key sectors such as Retail, Telecom, and Travel & Tourism on an annual basis (March 2023 vs March 2022).

Interestingly, the Tracker reflected rising demand for gig workers in the white-collar space with an impressive surge of 11% year-on-year. Regarding skilling and training of the youth, interns in Sales & Business Development as well as Marketing roles were the most sought after by companies.

The gig workers were high in demand marking an 11% annual growth in job postings for the same (March 2023 vs March 2022). As the future of work changes simultaneously with emerging tech, gig workers are taking the center stage when it comes to organizational demand. While employers are following a cautious and strategic approach amidst current socio-economic uncertainties, several high-priority roles are fulfilled through gig workers. Moreover, huge participation, almost 24% of freelancers from India are reported in global roles.

Industries such as IT (22% share), Recruitment & Staffing (18% share), and Education & Edtech (13% share) account for the largest share of demand for gig jobs. Top gig roles that have seen considerable engagement as per the Tracker include Recruiter (15% share), Coder/IT Consultant (12% share), Content Creator (9% share), Data Analyst (7% share), and UX Designer (3% share).

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Thats good news for us and for India.

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