Grammerly for better grammar by employees?

Hi: We need to improve the grammar used by some of our people when they correspond outside of the company. Please let me know if we can get GRAMMERLY INSTALLED IN A FEW MACHINES. Can anyone suggest how to go about this?


You can install the free version of Grammarly which can be used for basic grammar. But if you want an advanced level of suggestions then you will have to buy the Premium package.


Thanks for your reply. We do understand that we have free version of grammarly. But if we want paid versions, is it available in India?

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Your topic seems different from what is discussed here. However, I see you have received suggestions on your query from our diversely knowledgeable member base . For additional assistance and information on this query, i would request you to check with Grammarly support team directly here at their link. Contact Us | Grammarly

Hope the information is helpful.

Definitely, the application worked well for us.

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