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I need some help to understand the new Guidelines for Gratuity in Karnataka ,is it mandatory to opt for Gratuity-Insurance? if you see from an employer perspective- it’s burden on them keeping a huge money aside. Can we continue to do the way we operate now for Gratuity process, as an employer we pay the gratuity as part of F&F settlement & clear it of, any other guidelines needs be followed.
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By insuring, nominee of employee wl be receiving money if any fatal. From an employee and employer point of view, it is good to do that.

V Gnanamani
Manager HR
Fourth Dimension Technologies Pvt Ltd

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This has become a mandate because many employers were not paying gratuity to their employees or were paying at their own terms.
The interest accruals will partially help in offsetting your financial burden as well. Like someone mentioned, there is option to choose future service gratuity options where we can support the family of an employee in case of an unfortunate incident. There are merits to the scheme

Sundar Rajan J

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Thank you for the valuable Suggestion.

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I have a similar question. What is the registration procedure for this, and who would be the point of contact for a specific company to provide guidance or assistance? Could someone please assist with this?

Amruth R

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