Hall Of Fame for the month of November 2022!

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Hello Community Members,

We are delighted to announce the winners of the last month’s “Hall Of Fame” reward. We have seen a lot of contributions from many members and we acknowledge the efforts everyone is putting in. Here is the list of winners for Nov 2022.

  1. HRReliableGroup - Nishesh Kumar Jha
  2. chetanmurgkar - Chetan Murgkar
  3. Yogarani - Yogarani
  4. arshamercy - Arsha
  5. Ludy - Ludymar Bernal

We recommend all members to actively participate in all the quizzes and other discussions to earn a place in our Hall Of Fame. All your activities are considered while selecting the winners.

Let’s join hands and congratulate all of them. Congratulations to all the winners !!!

Community Manager.


Cheers to all :tada: :sparkler: :balloon: :cake: :+1:

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Happy birthday!

Thanks and Regards,

Sr Human Resources and Operations
MNI Pvt Ltd

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Hey @Spoorthi ,

The Hall of fame is not for B’day but to encourage users who are actively contributing to our community. Soon we will be launching b’day initiatives as well.

Community Manager.

May I have a proper certificate of this?

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Hey @HRReliableGroup,

Hope you are doing well.

Kindly note that as of now we don’t have a certificate for this. But we will bring this into consideration in the coming months.

Community Manager.

Yes. There should be two types of certificate, one (Hall of the Fame) for the winners…with text as …participated and has been awarded 1st/2nd/3rd position… and second (Certificate of Participation) for all the participants for their participation.
Such things will help in preserving the happy moment in the form of a soft copy and if it gets printed…in the form of the hard copy because gift coupon will be used…

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thanks, @HRReliableGroup for this lovely suggestion, will defiantly look at it and get back to you with more details,

Community Manager.