Hiring mid and senior-level talent by Mobikwik

In the wake of the layoff seasonal beginning, MobiKwik is planning to grow its team by 80-100 this year. The plan came into action amid the global recession. The hiring is being planned to take place in sectors like engineering, marketing, finance, collections, and other teams.

The hiring s planned to scale over a period of 6-8 months. The hiring drive has been commenced to drive its large-scale businesses and newer product lines that require more innovation.

“Last year, we grew our business by 80%, and we’ve had two very profitable quarters. We’re now looking for mature people to take responsibility for handling our growth, keeping risk in check, and scaling across teams. We’re looking for someone senior to head the public policy team, and are hiring branding talent, and of course, a majority of the hiring will be for the technology and engineering side,” Upasana Taku, Co-founder of MobiKwik, said.

Taku further said that the firm is also implementing to improve its gender diversity numbers as part of its DEI strategy, by interviewing and hiring more women and raising more women employees to leadership positions.

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