How to Export CSV File to VCF Format?

CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a file that stores data such as text, codes, links, contacts, etc. These files organize user data in comma-separated format. Also, users can open, read, and view CSV files in Microsoft Excel. vCard/VCF files are electronic business cards for storing users’ contacts and Besic details. vCard files are widely supported by various systems as compared to CSV files. Also, CSV files take more space and are corrupted more easily than vCard/VCF files. This was the reason most of the users [exported CSV files to VCF format]. Some technically inclined users can export their CSV files to VCF format manually. Still, this method is associated with lots of drawbacks because to perform this method users require lots of technical expertise, and the process of exporting CSV files is time-consuming and complex. So, most of the users avoid this traditional way. Rather than using hard and risky ways, they can use a professional and trusted program like Softaken CSV to VCF Converter Software to Convert CSV to VCF/vCard format. With the help of this application, user can easily export their CSV files to VCF format.

The user required only a few steps to follow:

  1. Download and run the Software.
  2. Browse and load the CSV file
  3. Get a preview of CSV contacts and map CSV contacts with VCF contacts
  4. Choose the desired location and save resulted data.
  5. Finally, hit the Convert button.

This advanced software runs flawlessly with all editions of MS Windows. For more information try the free demo version of this utility.

I hope this information is helpful

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An Excel spreadsheet, or comma-separated values file (CSV), is a file that stores data in tabular form. Compared to CSV, a vCard file is more easily accessed. It is hard to move CSV files because they are not supported on many systems. I suggest an advanced automated CSV to vCard Converter with its incredible features of scanning and mapping, which scans all data in a few seconds with its powerful scanning mechanism, such as first name, last name, emails, and home addresses. Users can easily convert the bulk of CSV files to the VCF file format without facing trouble. The software interface is easy to use, and with its user-friendly interface, users can’t take any technical help. The mapping function is good enough for users to customize and select single or bulk CSV files to export into VCF format with a few clicks. The utility has no viruses or malware with its built-in risk-free technology and supports all the latest Windows operating systems.

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