If I resign from my company after 4.5 years of service, am I eligible for gratuity?

Hi Arpana,

I wish to add that the 20L exemption limit is not meant for any single instance of gratuity payment received. The exemption covers a consolidated sum of 20L received in the entire life span of an employee, perhaps from various organisations as and when they have received such payments. Trust this helps.


I wanted to add the section says that for every completed year of service in excess of six months, the employer shall pay gratuity to an employee. That means if an employee works in the establishment for more than 6 months in a year, he shall be eligible to get gratuity at the prescribed rate. So, if an employee completes 4 years and 6 months of continuous service in the same establishment, he is eligible to get gratuity as per the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972.
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as per my best knowledge there is no specific mention of slab for the employees to have gratuity from the employer. Every employee is entitled to receive gratuity from the employer with whatever may be the slab or salary or wage pm. The P G Act, 1972 do not have any provision on any cut off amount for Basic and DA for calculating Gratuity.


Hi Vgulvady,

Yes absolutely right. The exemption covers a consolidated sum of 20L received in the entire life span of an employee.



Hi Bharath,
I want to get clarification on the rule of 240/190 days in the 5th year. Are these calendar days or working days?
I have worked in a company for 4 years 220 days and it follows 5 days a week. The HR says 190 days are working days and not calendar days, so I have worked for 4 years and 167 working days (and not 220 days). So Iā€™m not eligible. Please clarify.