India under constant data theft threats!

According to the study by NordVPN, Lithuania’s Nord Security, around five million people have had their data stolen and sold in the bot market to date. Among these stolen data, of which 600,000 are from India. These Bot markets are used by hackers to sell stolen data from victims’ devices with bot malware.

Marijus Briedis, Chief Technology officer at NordVPN, said, ‘‘What makes bot markets different from other dark web markets is that they are able to get large amounts of data about one person in one place and after the bot is sold, they guarantee the buyer that the victim’s information will be updated as long as their device is infected by the bot.’’

The study said that the stolen data included user logins, cookies, digital fingerprints, screenshots, and other information.

Indian cybersecurity rules have tightened only earlier this year, with the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) requiring tech companies to report data breaches within six hours of noticing such incidents and to maintain IT and communications logs for six months.

NordVPN’s study looked into three major bot markets - the Genesis market, the Russian Market, and 2Easy - and found stolen logins including those from Google, Microsoft and Facebook accounts.

According to the report of Times of India, a week after the ransomware attack on AIIMS, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) faced around 6,000 hacking attempts within 24 hours on 30 November.

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