Indian companies showing interest to hire more freshers!

TeamLease EdTech, recently launched its Career Outlook Report for Jan - Jun 2023 HY underlining some critical trends in the Indian job market that will guide freshers to navigate their job hunt for the coming months.

Career Outlook Report presents a deeper analysis of hiring intent across sectors and regions. Some key findings of the report are:

● In Spite of the global gloom, intent to hire freshers for Indian employers has marginally increased by 3% (62%) compared to July-December 2022 (59%).

● 62% of employers surveyed across India intend to hire freshers during January-June 2023.

● Cloud Developer, Investment Banking Associate, Cybersecurity Engineer, Marketing Analyst,Social Media Specialist, Content Writer, Campaign Associate, Microbiologist and Biomedical Engineer have emerged as top roles in fresher hiring

● DevOps, Corporate Finance, Artificial Intelligence and Project Management are domain skills in high demand.

● Some top-rated soft skills include Negotiation and Persuasive Skills, Cognitive Flexibility, Curiosity/Continual Learning and Emotional Intelligence.

The top three industries with the most robust Intent to hire freshers are Information Technology (67%), Ecommerce & Technology Start-ups (52%) and Telecommunications (51%). Amongst the Tier I cities, Bangalore comes at the top with maximum openings for freshers at 75%, closely followed by Mumbai (56%) and Delhi (47%). Degree and certification in DevOps, Supply Chain Management, Data Engineering, Business and Corporate Law are a few in-demand courses solicited by prospective employers.

On the report’s release, it said, β€œEven in the face of a global muted sentiments around team hiring, a large number of Indian employers have expressed their intention to hire freshers; some to create a long-term supply channel whereas others to replace their expensive resources with fresh trainable talents. Whereas this is good news for fresh graduates coming out from universities, we shall be watchful of the intention translating to actual hiring in the coming months.”

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