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Dear All,

This is regarding Intranet for my org. I am initiating HR Intranet on google sites for my employees.

This I found a better way to share the policies and other required announcements with them. However, I am yet to finalize the home page content for intranet, which should speak from HR perspective, that why have launched this, and what will be the benefit out it.

Can anyone share any leads, may be from own corporates/ or any other site, to get the content?

Thank you


Guys ,

Anyone can help in this?


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Dear All,

Please respond, looking for you all experienced support in this.

Thank you

Hi Shweta,

Thank you for participating in the community.

Your question has been sent across a few SME’s for assistance. Considering the complexity of the question involved, it might take a little more time. Appreciate your patience in this regard.

Also the experts participate on a volunteer basis during their off scheduled hours. Let’s expect them to share their insights soon.

Thanks for understanding.