[Introducing-Expert] Anurag Jain - (Specialist in Tax, Social Security & Immigration matters)

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Anurag Jain will be joining our community as an expert to offer understanding and direction on various aspects of Human Resource Management.

His knowledge and understanding of the tax, social security and immigration matters makes him the most sought out advisor for large and medium multinational clients.

Mr. Anurag is a qualified chartered accountant with more than 15 years of big4 experience in advising client on tax, social security, and immigration matters. He is also the co-founder of ByTheBook Consulting LLP.

Prior to cofounding ByTheBook Consulting LLP, Anurag had a diverse experience in working with PwC, BMR, KPMG and Deloitte. This experience will be of immense benefit to our community knowledge seekers.

Anurag has advised large and medium multinational clients on employee secondment arrangements, compensation structuring, equity incentive designing and time to time support to clients on Tax and Social Security litigation matters.

In recent times, Mr. Anurag has been happily engaged in advising clients on assessing the impact of new labour codes. That makes him the most sought out expert on queries related to labour codes.

His articles and videos are a great source of knowledge. I’m including a few here for a quick read:

We feel privileged to host Mr. Anurag Jain in the community. Our community members are privileged to be able to get insights from one of the most knowledgeable minds in the industry.

Thank you :bouquet: :bouquet:

@anuragjain Welcome to the greytHR Community! We are happy to host you :bouquet:

Your suggestions, thoughts and contributions will add a lot of value to our members knowledge seeking experience.

@ members- Please feel free to ask your questions directly to @anuragjain (by @ mentioning the expert) in your post. Also, take time to say a hello/like this post and welcome him to the community!


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