Is NPS only for salaried individuals?


Reading on NPS questions here, Is NPS only for salaried individuals?


Hi @Ann

Any individual who is a citizen of India can open the account under NPS . So, an NRI who has retained his Indian passport can also open this account

Generally, in-order to get additional tax exemption employer contribution will help, and the same can be switched between employers too once you switch the job and if the employer has the NPS facility in their Org. tied up.

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Agree with Dinesh.

Any individual can open an account under NPS even a NRI holding their Indian passport.


Any individual can open a Pension account under NPS

Option 1 - Registration using Aadhaar Offline e-KYC
Option 2 - Registration using PAN (KYC verification by Bank/Non-Bank POP).

You can open the account with a minimum of Rs.500 as the first contribution.

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