List of HR processes

Can someone please help with all the list of HR processes that a company should follow and if possible share a checklist if all these processes?


That would be great if someone can share, would be a cross check for me as well.

There are a number of core processes to start. This question can have so many suggestions, our HR members can share their thoughts, just sharing a bit of my knowledge-
The core HR processes include:

The core HR processes include:
Human resource planning
Employee relations
Performance Appraisal
Benefits administration
Performance management

Since they are interdependent each HR process requires strategic planning. So HR dept. tries to put each process according to specific parameters and objectives. By creating a effective system, the org. can achieve better- Productivity, Retention & Engagement from their employees. A good reference article here

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Human Resources have a large array or tasks to be performed on daily/weekly/monthly basis. The core functions that are performed by Human Resources Department are:

  1. Pre and Post Recruitment Process
  2. Onboarding, Induction and Goal setting
  3. Employee Relations and Employee Engagement
  4. Training and Development
  5. Privacy
  6. Performance Review
  7. Database and Report Management
  8. Payroll, Leave and Attendance Management
  9. Statutory Compliance
  10. Employee Separation

Nagaraj J

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1 Recruitment & Selection
2 Joining & Induction
3 Payroll & Leave Management
4 Compensation & Benefits
5 Employee Rewards & Recognition
6 Employee Separation, Retrenchment
7 Performance Management System & Tools
8 Training & Development
9 Confirmation
10 Disciplinary Procedure
11 Succession Plan & Career Growth
12 Relocation/Transfer/Deputation
13 Internship/Apprentice
1 Employment Terms & Conditions
2 Employee Joining Formalities
3 Attendance & Time Keeping
4 Leave Policy
5 Employee Benefits
6 Confidentiality & Non Poach
7 Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedure
8 Employee Welfare & Grievance Policy
9 Health and Safety Policy
10 Mobile & Travel Policy
11 Dress Code Policy
12 IT & Office Assets Policy
13 Sexual Harassment Policy
14 Employee Referral Scheme
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Can you share the policy documents for each policy?

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