LTA Exemption rules

Hi Team,
We have an LTA component in our Salary Structure.
Employees are submitting their Travel bills for the exemption.
One Employee submitted his 5 Bills, where he traveled in 5 different months.

Kindly confirm theater we can consider all 5 or only 2 we need to consider?

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There are certain rules which have to be followed before giving the LTA exemption.

  • Travel to and from a single destination can be considered.
  • Round trips can’t be considered for LTA exemption. In that case, the farthest distance from the source and back can be considered.
  • Minimum 6 months gap should be there with 2 travels.
  • Can claim only 2 times in a block of 4 years.
  • Employee should be on a leave of a minimum of 3 days during that travel period.

There are many more rules. You can refer to the below link.

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