Men & Women Applicants For Blue-Collar Jobs At Par!

According to data shared by WorkIndia, India’s largest blue-collar recruitment platform, Metro cities Mumbai records a marginal difference of 0.32% followed by Chennai with 3.36% and Bengaluru with 6.66% in job applications received from men and women. Tier II Cities like Mohali and Nasik have also recorded job applications from men and women with a nominal difference of 3.42% and 5.44% respectively. The data referred to is collated starting January 2022 till mid-October 2022.

The third largest city in Maharashtra, Nagpur, shows a 2.2% difference in job applications by men and women candidates, however, women applicants take a lead here. Overall, the record reveals a 23% difference between women and men job applicants for on-site jobs across India.

The figure shows a declining trend since February 2022, which recorded the highest number of women job applicants till now- with 42.98% against 57.2% of male applicants, as compared to mid-October figures of 38.99 % women applicants against 61.01% of male candidates. Tier III towns like Deoria in Uttar Pradesh and Washim in Maharashtra show a staggering 100% difference, with zero female candidate applicants across any industry.

Surprisingly, geographies like Medak in Telangana and Porompat in Manipur have reverse scenarios with 100% of women job applicants and 0% of male recruitments. However, the applications are in single digits. Otherwise, an average of a minimum of 30-40% difference is observed between job applications between both genders.

According to last year’s projection, even a nominal 10% rise in women’s recruitment could aid India’s GDP by $ 770 Million in the next three years.

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Truly men and women’s are now equal.

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