Mitt Arv Initiates Internship-To-Employment Drive ! 💼

Mitt Arv, a prominent player in India’s LegacyTech sector, is entering an exciting growth phase marked by a significant surge in internship hires. In line with their recent hiring strategy, the fiscal year has commenced with a remarkable 1.5x quarter-over-quarter rise in the workforce. The company’s goal is to bring aboard more than 100+ interns, with the potential for them to transition into permanent employees over the course of the year. This internship recruitment drive is a key element of the company’s internship-to-employment initiative.

Mitt Arv adopts a comprehensive approach to talent acquisition, welcoming fresh minds through internships and providing them with extensive training and guidance. This approach aims to transform interns into valuable full-time employees.

To further enhance its learning ecosystem, Mitt Arv has enlisted industry experts in the role of mentors with experiences from companies like Onmobile, inFeedo, ESPN, NewsCorp, Bosch, Microsoft and alumnus of IIT Dhanbad, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Calcutta and SPJIMR. Through mentorship, interns will receive invaluable guidance that will enhance the content and digital marketing, product management, project management and chief of staff roles while encouraging an innovative mindset.

Vishal Mehta, Founder & Managing Director of Mitt Arv, commented on the internship program, stating, "Emphasizing the transformative power of internships, we see them as the expressway to rapid progress, fueled by motivated individuals. Our vision extends beyond a mere internship; it encompasses a journey from being an intern to a graduate professional. It’s about seamlessly transitioning from internship roles to securing a coveted Pre-Placement Offer (PPO). In fact, Internship is the only way to get through a non-leadership role at Mitt Arv. Within this framework, mentors play a pivotal role in nurturing and steering the interns toward success, culminating in a mutually beneficial arrangement. We don’t just hire; we cultivate talent in cohorts, ensuring a smooth onboarding process that maximizes efficiency and coordination.”

The company aims to transition interns into permanent roles.

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