New GreytFM Episode #25 - Conducting a Remote Layoff

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:headphones: Listen to the latest greytFM episode on ‘Conducting a Remote Layoff’. In this episode, Ketan Krishna, People and Governance Head at RentoMojo and Venture Partner at YourNest Venture Capital, :studio_microphone: talks about the sensitive and critical topic of conducting remote layoffs.

:cry: Mass layoffs. Rings a bell? During the pandemic, millions of people :busts_in_silhouette: faced the new reality of not having a job, and it happened in a snap— or, should we say, in the period of a Zoom call :video_camera:? Due to budget constraints :dollar: and other factors, HR had to navigate the complexities of mass layoffs remotely, often using their preferred video apps.

:left_speech_bubble: In this episode, the speaker dives deep into HR experiences, approaches, alternatives, support measures, technology, and more. :hammer_and_wrench:

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