Poll :: Answers on the same day once the quiz gets over?

Hi Kaulin,
Good afternoon!

Seems it will be better if you post the answers of the quiz post 2pm below the questions.

If you are already providing, plz let me know where can I find them.



Hey @Ananth ,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently, I disclose the answers on the same day when the winners are announced . So the process is in place. The idea behind keeping it unannounced till result day, we wanted to keep the curiosity alive till the last moment of results. If you wish to see this done on the same day, then I can surely give it a go.

Hope that helps answer your query.

Community Manager.


Hey Community Members,

We’ve received an interesting suggestion from one of our esteemed members regarding the quiz answers. While the current practice is to reveal the answers on the results announcement day, we understand the appeal of having same-day answers for the quiz.

Let’s hear from all of you! We’ve set up a poll to gather your opinions on whether we should provide quiz answers on the same day or maintain the current plan. Your feedback matters, so cast your vote and help us decide! :ballot_box::thinking::bar_chart:

Should I publish the answers of the quiz on the same day or following Monday (The usual)?
    1. Publish on the same day.
    1. Wait till the following Monday.
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Come together and help us decide on this. Poll is open for voting.

Community Manager.


Thanks for the reply. Following Monday will help.