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Hello Community Members,

We are back with an exciting topic to understand your views on social media and see where we stand right now. So join the quiz and share your thoughts.

In this current era, what do you think about social media?
    1. Good for the society
    1. Bad for the society
    1. Maybe both
    1. Not sure

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Community Manager.


hypothetical situation


This is two-sided sword with consequences. So it will have a good and a bad side.


Hello Community Members,

So as per the opinions shared by the members 57% of them feel that social media has a good and bad impact. 21% of them feel it is bad for society. Only 13 % of the respondents feel it’s good for society and just 7% of them feel they are not sure where it’s heading to.

In our opinion, it is 2 sided coin with its advantages and disadvantages and one must use social media safely and securely to minimize the risks.

Community Manager.