Regarding Car Lease - How does it work in Payroll deduction

Dear All,

Request your kind advice on how Car Lease policy works ? How does the monthly rental dedution from employee CTC work? Are there any excel sheet which can be shared with employees to show tax benefit by opting for car lease ? If yes, kindly share.

What is this Perquisites benefit provided by employer to employees? Are there any set limit for Fuel, Maintenance and Driver allowance or is it based on employer discretion?

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Please refer to the following link, which explains about regarding Car Lease


Hi @HarinathGupta ,

Thank you for coming in to help out a fellow community user. Looks like the file you were trying to share didnt get uploaded properly and is showing a broken link.

Please try sharing the link or uploading(if its not proprietary) using the upload button. That will help the member to know the details


Hope now you will be able to access the below link.

Do word search as motor so that you will get the answer for your query raised.


Thank you @HarinathGupta for the extra effort to come back and guide, provide a more accurate link.

Thank you for adding more value to the community interaction. Much appreciated!

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