Regarding Employee Religion

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Can we have a question on Religion in HR Employee Data form, while hiring.

Kindly provide your suggestions.

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I don’t think its a good idea.

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Why will the company need data on what religion the employee belongs to . It is totally irrelevant and not required to be a part of employee data. I dont think any organization will collect religion based data. Please do not include .

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@Pourna such details shouldn’t be taken while hiring. Religion is not at all important.

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From my experience it is important to add Religion in the employee data form, reasons are:

  1. respecting the individuality of each religion - ei company has a whatsapp group where you post anything under the sun, if you as the HR is aware that in some religion certain topic is not accepted - then you can filter information out. comparing to not knowing that something might be affected with an information given out innocently.
  2. For emergency reference - if ever a medical emergency might happen, knowing the religion will also be of help ( if someone does not practice blood transfusion and the emergency needed that, but HR knew that the employee’s religion does not practice that - so a caution can be done)

Sensitivity to employee’s practice of their faith is one salient responsibility of HR .

This is from my side.


From an equal employment opportunity perspective, Religion is not important for employment purpose. However organizations wanted to ensure due respect to religious practices and this require knowledge about the religion of employees. HR is accountable for this and it is a practice in India.