Reimbursement for training and certifications

I am looking for a policy of reimbursement for general training courses and certifications of employees.



Such policies are totally company dependent and how much budget company is allocating for the same.

Pointers to note are:

  1. Annual Budget - Total Budget and Per Employee Budget
  2. Training Courses or Certifications to be covered Position wise/Grade wise
  3. Post Training any agreement - Like cannot leave the organisation till 1 year else to reimburse the money back to company etc.
  4. How many courses/certification per year an Employee can get reimbursed

Appreciate the initiative to introduce a policy for training and certification. While making the policy, make sure that the policy terms will not discourage the team pursues more training programs. However, the organization shall use necessary checks and balances to ensure that the money spent on training is beneficial at a personal/team/organization level.

There are many policy formats available under greytHR resources. Probably you download the business expense reimbursement policy and make the necessary modification. There is a structure and terms built-in, and hence would be less time-consuming than to make a fresh one.