Rise of workplace trends in India!

New findings from Indeed’s quarterly hiring tracker shares insights on the rise of workplace trends in India Inc and examines how trends like moonlighting, quiet quitting, hustle culture and ghosting culture is playing out in the Indian world of work. Several workplace movements like moonlighting, quiet quitting, tang ping, etc. have gathered momentum since the start of the pandemic.

Philosophy of many of these strangely unifies - A rising proportion of the young workforce believe going above and beyond at work isn’t in their best interest. This mindset change has given rise to various trends at work that are centered around employees trying to regain their work-life balance, bring in more flexibility and move beyond the traditional 9-5 definition of work.

Moonlighting is not equally widespread across sectors

Moonlighting is one of the trends that has been heavily debated in the last few months. Employee moonlighting is a situation in which an employee works more than one job. Usually, the moonlighting employee has one full-time job and one part-time job, though some use the term to refer to any situation in which a person works for more than one company. Most moonlighting situations that may require an employer to develop a moonlighting policy occur when the moonlighting employee has a “primary,” usually full-time position, and a “secondary,” or part-time position.

Job seekers feel Quiet quit caused of burnout and lack of support

Similarly, quiet quitting is another trend that has arisen due to employee stress and burnout. At its core, quiet quitting rejects the idea of intentionally attempting to exceed expectations at work. Instead, workers gradually disengage from doing anything beyond the minimum needed to keep their job. Interestingly, 33% of the employers surveyed believe that low general job satisfaction (boredom, lack of challenges, etc.) is the main reason for the growing trend of quiet quitting, and 21% believe it is a lack of commitment to jobs.

Hustle culture gaining prominence

As per Indeed India Hiring Tracker - 89% of job seekers surveyed were hired during the July-September 2022 quarter, indicating a healthy market for Indian job seekers. Interestingly, there is a rise in hustle culture - 43% of employers surveyed believe monetary considerations (earning more and leading a better lifestyle) are the reason for the popularity of the hustle culture. On the other hand, employees say that earning more, repaying loans (37%) and career growth (29%) are the reasons for hustle culture.

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